The Music Nib Project "Filarmonica" with OMAS

filarmonica.jpg (19265 Byte)

The logo, a calligraphy by Sabine Linde, above the draft, below the imprint.


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filfeder.jpg (239306 Byte)

The first OMAS Music nib, imprinted with the first letter of the logo Filarmonica.
A music nib is characterized by two slits and two ventholes and a flat stub tip.
The two slits change the nib character dramatically.
With just a little pressure applied to the nib, the inkflow rises a lot.
As a result, a thin line can be combined with a rich fat stroke.
On the other hand, such a nib is not made for hands with strong pressure applied to the nib.
The very thin 3 tines of the nib naturally are rather sensitive, so writing at the beginning has to be careful.

But on the other hand, this music nib grants a unique writing experience.

Philharmonieatnight.jpg (16977 Byte)

This is the first draft of the Hamburg Elb-Philharmony designed by Herzog & De Meuron, Basel, Switzerland.
This Music nib pen was inspired by this wonderful first design of the new Hamburg Philharmonic Building,
which is right now being projected and hopefully soon built.

The OMAS Limited Edition fountain pen inspired by this new "Hamburg Elbphilharmonie"

filuncapped.jpg (77956 Byte)
The Filarmonica pen, uncapped. The cap bands reproduce the 5 lines of music sheets. Below, you see a vintage handwritten composition. It is this style of writing, for which the Music nib in former times was developed.
Trims are rolled gold, perfectly matching the golden flakes of celluloid, embedded into the tobacco brown celluloid. 
filcapped.jpg (212659 Byte)

Limited Edition of 300 fountain pens made from Celluloid, equipped with a Music nib, 1,2 mm width.
Different regular nibs may be delivered upon request.


Regular retail: Euro 790.-- or  $ 995 Worldwide (based on an exchange rate of $ 1.30 to one Euro)


More about the Hafencity and the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, click :

For more information please contact me by email!