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Vintage Fountain pens
Repairservice - buy and sell

This is a litte page about my work with vintage fountain pens.
I work in the field since 1992.

A picture of myself and an interview (sorry, just German) you can download as a .pdf file.
   LANCIAMagazine Interview
mb149workinprogressm.jpg (10295 Byte)

A Montblanc 149 pistonfiller, made aprox. 1956, found in ex. to near mint working condition.
I always prefer to completely disassemble such a precious pen, give it a complete check and cleaning inside out,
and then reassemble.
Here is a short list of what had to be done with this pen:

- Careful disassembly of  the pen, especially the removing of the grip section might easily crack the barrel.

- Cleaning of every single piece in ultrasonic.

- Removal of hardened grease inside the telescopic piston and freshly greasing.
- Complete polish of the surface
- Recutting of section´s and piston´s threading, if needed as well of the cap´s threads.
Especially the reassembly of the section endangers the barrel much more than the  advance unscrewing.
- tightening of eventually loose rings.
- sealing of the section thread.
- fitting of the nib and feed - and adjustment of the inkflow.
- complete reassembly, function test,
- final complete polish
........... And this was an excellent to near mint already at the beginning of the work.................

I do work with vintage fountain pens since 1992. Before, from 1977 till 1992 I sold modern fountain pens in the shops of my family, here in Hamburg. (We were among Germany´s strongest  Montblanc dealers at that time.)

My pleasure is the work with vintage pens.

It needs technical skills and constant research to learn about fountain pens.

It needs an immense stock of "useless" spare parts.

It needs a lathe, and lots of tools.

AND most important: many friends around the world who share their secrets with me, in exchange for the little, I found out myself.

I am still learning, and am happy about any new information, about materials, makers, tipps and tricks. ....


toledo111.jpg (10508 Byte)
An original Pelikan Toledo, after I restored it.

My Repairservices:
No use to mail a pen from abroad for a simple repair.
Often, I can point out a local repairsman.
My special skills:
- German Fountain pens, Pelikan, Montblanc,  Soennecken, Kaweco ecc.
- Cap lip cracks repaired on the lathe.
- Cap bands tightened with vintage tools
- Cap bands remade and fixed.
- Safetyfiller and pistonfiller cork seals.

Please contact me before sending any repairs.

And be prepared to wait quite a while - I do have lots of repairs to do, and there always is a long queue . ........

Buy and Sell.
I do also sell pens - see my offers or on ebay

I do not SELL spare parts or NIBS (all the good parts would be gone immedately .....  but I am always open for a trade.

mbfiligree.jpg (49670 Byte)

A superrare Montblanc Filigree safety in a Night and Day pattern.

Please do always contact me before sending a pen for repair. 

My adresses:

Tom Westerich
Rainweg 9  - D - 20249 Hamburg, Germany

Telefon in Hamburg:  +49 171 7462036


Loc. Caprafico 33, I - 66043 Casoli, Chieti, Italy.
Telefon in Italy:  +39 340 2546717


Please send an email to :
Tom Westerich